Bite Splints & Night Guards

Patients can order nightguards, bite splints and mouthguards online, but these do-it-yourself imprint options don’t offer the precision fit of those created in your office and finished with our custom materials and expertise.

We can produce bite splints for nighttime or daytime use, including sports guards. All products are free from latex, BPA, gluten and monomer.

3D Printed

Using resins specially designed for the dental industry, this thick material offers high-precision results. For nightguards and splints, these products are durable without being brittle and flexible for patient comfort. More abrasion and fracture resistant.

Pro-Form Dual™ Laminate

Thick hard exterior for moderate to heavy grinding with a soft, thinner, form-fitting interior layer. Excellent as a bruxing appliance; also use for ortho repositioning appliance or TMJ splint.

Pro-Form™ Niteguard

Thick soft/soft material layering gives more abrasion resistance and will withstand grinding better than traditional soft sheet material. Good for night clenching and soft bruxing. 3 mm standard.

Soft Day/Nightguard

This soft, thin, flexible material is good for clenching as opposed to grinding. Made from an elastic acrylic resin, making it thin and comfortable for the user. Use for diagnostic TMJ appliances, day guard or bleaching trays.


Developed initially for professional sports use, these guards are favored for sports applications and are appropriate for athletics or nightguards. Clear and colored options, available colors may vary.

Essix Retainer

Temporary retainer; splint; bleaching tray. Rigid, thin, clear material, low profile material for retainer, minor day grinding or clenching. Good for first-time splint users as it is comfortable to wear and less noticeable for daytime use. Not recommended for night grinding or clenching.

How It Works

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We craft your crowns, bridges and implants, always with quality in mind.
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In most cases we personally deliver the finished product directly to your office.

“I LOVE my 2 crowns from Fusion! I have a custom shade matched one on a front tooth, and no one would ever know it was there. My dentist recommended a gold crown for a back molar, as I’m a grinder. It alleviated the tooth pain I had been having for years! The people are friendly and professional, and welcome you to their office for the color consultation.

As I reach middle age, my 30+ year old silver fillings are wearing out and I need 2 more. I’m definitely getting my new crowns from Fusion.”

Liz W.