Custom Shading Creates Natural-looking Restorations

Just as each person’s skin tone and hair color is different – sometimes even in the same family – each person’s teeth have their own unique color.

And as a dentist, you know if the time comes that a natural tooth needs to be replaced with a crown, bridge or implant, your patient’s desire for a seamless, natural look is expected. 

At Fusion Dental Lab our custom shading process enables us to accurately match challenging shades. We start with 30 base colors, with thousands of shading options and combinations to get just the right look.

There are several considerations when getting the right shade. For example, the base material chosen for a crown or implant may also be a factor for matching color, especially for anterior teeth. We can help guide dentists and patients toward the right solution for the best outcome.

For patients local to our lab, their primary dentist may send them directly to us to help patients choose the shade they would prefer. The actual process of the shade matching can be done in just a short visit to the lab, approximately 5-15 minutes, or as much time as the patient would like to discuss options and even contour and shape. 

In some instances planning for future work can be discussed, such as a color that the patient would like to arrive at after they have several crowns finished.  

During the custom shade matching process we compare the patient’s tooth/teeth to our selection of base colors, then further customize the color based on both a simple visual comparison as well as drawing on our extensive experience. 

Often, teeth are not uniformly colored, which is why hand-finishing the new tooth is important to getting the look just right. When Fusion Dental Lab takes care of these finer details, it saves you, the dentist, time and worry, and gives patients added peace of mind about the finished restoration.

The process is part art, part science, and the result is nothing short of an amazingly realistic appearance. 

Going the extra mile for our clients and their patients makes everyone look good!